Comprehensive Sabine Watershed Management Plan Report
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Executive Summary

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Water Needs

3.0 Existing Surface Water Supplies

4.0 Existing Ground Water Supplies

5.0 Comparison of Existing Supply and Projected Demand

6.0 Additional Supply from Water Conservation

7.0 Potential Surface Water Projects

8.0 Potential Ground Water

9.0 Water and Wastewater Treatment Needs

10.0 Water Quality & Environmental Issues

11.0 Other Water Related Issues

12.0 Information Management
and Public Participation

13.0 Recommendations


List of Figures

List of Tables


Texas Counties in the Sabine Basin
Summary of Water Rights in Sabine Basin


Sabine Upper Basin Water Demand by Use Type
Sabine Lower Basin Water Demand by Use Type
Estimated Sedimentation Rates and Future Capacities of Reservoirs
Summary of Existing Reservoirs and Lakes in the Sabine Basin
Committed Surface Water Supply - Texas Sabine Basin
Existing Ground Water Users


Ground Water Demand by County


Ground Water Demand by Use Type Year 2000


Ground Water Availability by Aquifer


Ground Water Availability by County


Identified Ground Water Problems - Upper Basin


Comparison of Existing Supply and Demands
Municipal Conservation Savings Projections
Manufacturing Demand and Conservation Savings
Conservation Savings for Steam Power Use
Summary of Potential Conservation Savings
Previously Proposed Water Supply Reservoirs
Newly Proposed Water Supply Reservoirs
Transmission Pipeline Analyses
Scalping Operations for Proposed Reservoirs
Estimated Costs for Proposed Reservoir Projects
Potential New Ground Water Supply
Water Supply Well Data for the Cities of Canton and Kilgore
Major Water Suppliers and Wastewater Providers
Water Supply Information for Large Water Suppliers/Users in the Sabine Basin
Wastewater Information for Large Wastewater Providers in the Sabine Basin
Water Quality Monitoring Regime for 1998-99
Endangered and Threatened Species Potentially Occurring in the Counties of Proposed Reservoir Development
Priority and Protected Areas Located at Proposed Reservoir Sites and Estimated Mitigation
Relative Level of Environmental Concern Related to Proposed Reservoir Sites